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Macario Sakay

Macario Sakay established and led the revolutionary group “Tagalog Republic.” He was the reason why after the arrest of Aguinaldo in 1901, the Filipinos insurgency against the Americans continued.

He was born in Tondo in 1870. His family was part of the working class sector. His first job was at a kalesa manufacturing shop, and then he became a tailor, barber, and actor in komedyas and moro-moros. His theater experience improved his dedication, courage and self-discipline.

During the initial stages of the Filipino-American war, Sakay was jailed for his seditious activities. He had been caught forming several Katipunan chapters and preaching its ideals from town to town.

He was released in 1902, as a result of an amnesty. He, together with other former members of the Katipunan established a group that was christened “Republika ng Katagaluhan.” He became the leader of the group whose primary intention is to liberate the Filipinos from the American colonizers.

Sakay was tough. He made it known to the Americans that they were true revolutionaries. He further added that they had their own constitution and established government. In fact, they have their own flag as a blatant show of defiance to the Americans.

In late 1904, Sakay and his men took military offensive against the Americans. They were able to seize ammunition and firearms in their raids in Cavite and Batangas. Disguised in Philippine Constabulary uniforms, they captured the U.S. military garrison in ParaƱaque and ran away with large amounts of revolvers and ammunitions.

Using guerrilla warfare, Sakay would always utilize a large number of rebels against a small group of American soldiers to guarantee a successful ambush attack. They usually attack at night when most of their enemies are asleep.

Sakay and some of his men voluntarily surrendered on July 14, 1906.

Three days after, they were arrested by a couple of American soldiers while attending a party hosted by the governor of Cavite. Dominador Gomez was successful in double-crossing Sakay. They imprisoned him at Bilibid. He was hanged to death a year after his arrest.