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Troadio Dayagro Galicano

Troadio Dayagro Galicano.

Revolutionary General; Lawyer; Congressman, Senator of the Philippines. Troadio Galicano was born on December 28, 1870 in Carcar, Cebu. 

He was the son of spouses Guillermo Canondo Galicano and Luzanta Alcoseba Dayagro. He entered the Seminary College of San Carlos for the priesthood. When war erupted, first against the Spanish colonists in Cebu and then with the Americans, Troadio rose to the rank of general. He was one of the trusted officers of Gen. Arcadio Molero Maxilom. Gen. Galicano, when Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo surrendered to the Americans, also bowed down. The ceremony was held in Barili in 1901 surrendering to Capt. Frank McIntyre of the 19th U.S. Infantry. After fighting the Americans, Troadio went back to school and earned his Bachelor of Laws degree and admitted to the Philippine Bar on April 9, 1906. He entered politics, by running and winning as the first elected representative of the old 5th congressional district of Cebu. The 1st election of the Philippine Assembly was held on July 30, 1907. The 5th district was then composed of Alegria, Badian, Boljoon, Ginatilan, Malabuyoc, Moalboal, Oslob, Samboan, Alcantara, and Santander. Galicano was reelected in the 1909 and served until 1912 as representative of the district. Galicano was with the Partido Nacionalista. Gen. Galicano was the lawyer of Pedro A. Pacana, Secretary of the Provincial Board of Misamis and Board Members Isidro Adorable and Vicente P. Castro who were convicted by the lower court for estafa and falsification. Upon appeal the Supreme Court on December 19, 1924 reversed the conviction and acquitted the accused public officials. The fellow counsels of Galicano in the case were lawyers Teogenes Velez, Manuel Fernandez, Desiderio Rodriguez, and Vicente Sotto. In 1925, Galicano was elected as senator of the 11th senatorial district. The country was divided into 12 districts, Cebu being the 10th district, and the 11th district composed of Surigao, Misamis Occidental, Misamis Oriental, and Bohol. Galicano, aside from being a Carcaranon born, he was also a Bol-anon. He was senator until 1931. Under the 1935 Constitution, the Senate was abolished, few years later it was amended and the Senate was restored, however instead of electing senators by districts, they were and up to now elected at large, meaning all the Filipinos nationwide. Senator Troadio Galicano married Juana Machacon Velez of Carcar, Cebu. - simoun (image: google / article:

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Unknown Filipino Heroes

Here are some Filipino Heroes who are not so famous:

He was a member of the Espiritu de Candon, a revolutionary group in Candon, Ilocos Sur.
On March 25, 1998, he led the so called Cry of Candon and drove away the Spaniards from the town. (He then declared the free Republic of Candon.)
He later served in the Philippine Revolutionary Army under Col. Manuel Tinio. He recruited Igorots and led his recruits in the Battle of Caloocan in February, 1899, at the start of the Filipino-American War.
He then became guerilla commander of forces in southern Ilocos under Col. Juan Villamor, where he was later killed by the Americans.
Date of Birth: 1854
Place of Birth: Candon. Ilocos Sur
Date of Death: May 3, 1900

Values Exhibited:

He joined the La Liga Filipina residing in Tondo, Maynila. They founded the Katipunan together with former Liga members led by Andres Bonifacio.
He was one of the signatories of the PAct of Biak-na-Bato in 1897. He joined the revolutionaries exiled in Hongkong as one of the conditions set forth by the Pact.
Date of Birth: November 1, 1845
Place of Birth: Paoay, Ilocos Norte
Date of Death: 1916

Values Exhibited:
Love of Country

An Ilocano poet in Spanish who gained international recognition when her works were exhibited at the Exposicion General de Filipina sheld in Madrid in 1887 and at the International Exposition in Paris in 1889.
Her works helped Elevate the social and intellectual status of women in the Philippines.
Date of Birth: April 19, 1849
Place of Birth: Vigan, Ilocus Sur
Date of Death: October 4, 1884

Values Exhibited:


This was the "MARCOS WEALTH" that some POLITICIAN and CHURCHMEN kept on saying was the:

" ILL - GOTTEN " Marcos Wealth..

Brief History

From 1866 to 1898 , Prince Julian Macleod Tallano, who became titleholder of OCT 01-4 in 1864 - ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE 01-4 PROTOCOL ,The number 01 refers to the ONE NATION, known in pre - Hispanic times as MAHARLIKA. The number 4 refers to the original four regions og this nation:(1) Luzon  (2) Visayas (3) Mindanao (4) Palawan , has been frequenting the Vatican.

In 1934, under Pope PiusXII , the Vatican negotiated with the member of the Filipino Royal Family, the Christian Tallano clan in Maharlika. An agreement was reached that 640,000 metric tons of the Tallano gold would be LENT to the Pope. This was part of that gold accumulated by the Southeast Asian Srivijayan/Madjapahit Empire during its glorious reign of 900 years.

In 1939, two members of the Tallano family and Roman Catholic Priest , Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz brought the gold from Kota Kinabalu , Sabah to the Vatican.

After doing this, Fr Diaz went back to the Maharlika and resided in Cabanatuan City.

After World War II , he facilitated the safe return of the 640,000 metric tons of GOLD from the Vatican tovthe Maharlika .Manuel Acuna Roxas( relative of the Acuna/ Tagean/ Tallano clan), then a congressman, and Bishop Enrique Sobrepena Sr, in the presence of Atty. Lorenzo Tanada, RECEIVED the gold in Manila.

There is good reason to believe, even from further along in this account , that the young attorney FERDINAND E. MARCOS was involved in the return of the GOLD. Certainly by all accounts we have seen jt was Ferdinand Marcos and Diaz who shared in the enormous 30% commission- that is 192,000 TONS of Gold worth around $4 TRILLION today(2006) - for handling this transaction.



A lease agreement was made between the Tallano clan and the Maharlika government. A total of 640,000 metric tons of gold was deposited in the newly installed Central Bank of the Maharlika to comply with its requirement for GOLD RESERVE. Under the terms of the contract , the Central Bank became the HOLDER of that gold. That LEASE agreement will EXPIRE in the year 2005.

~~~The Tallano Foundation has given notice of the termination of this 50 year lease following the additional 5 year discretionary period on December 31,2005 but remains unable to obtain an inventory of this asset even though the CENTRAL BANK( now Bangko Sentral Pilipinas ) is no longer entitled to HOLD the gold.~~~

Having gained the trust and confidence of Fr Diaz, the Tallano clan made him the main negotiator and trustee of their gold. Fr Diaz in turn, hired the services of ATTY. FERDINAND E MARCOS. , then a RECOMMENDED BRILLIANT YOUNG LAWYER having attained notoriety when he successfully defended himself in the " NALUNDASAN CASE" in 1939.

Tha TALLANO  clan paid commission to Fr. Diaz and Atty .Marcos in gold, 30% From the principal of 640, 000 metric  tons.

In 1949. The two richest men in the world were Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz and Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos . Between the two of them they legitimately earned and owned 192,000 metric tons of GOLD- from TALLANO CLAN and Maharlika Government.

Ferdinand Marcos withdrew their share of the gold from the Central Bank and minted it " RP -CB". Sometime later, Fr.Diaz and Marcos brought their gold to SWITZERLAND , in the SWISS BANK CORPORATION in Zurich.

The remaining 400,000 metric tons of TALLANO GOLD- ( Prince Lacan Acuna Macleod Tallano- son of Rajah Soliman Tagean and grandson of Maharajah Luisong Tagean) is in the third floor basement of the CENTRAL BANK MINTING PLANT in East Ave. Quezon City.

There are 950,000 metric tons of Gold  (declearedmissing in the International Court of Justice) picked up by Yamshita  from its European ally, Hitler.

..... Let's review some numbers at this point because there are certainly  some unexplained LOSSES along the way.

The Tagean- Tallano gold started at 720,000 tons . 640,000 tons were transported to the Vatican and back, leaving 80,000 tons unaccounted from the outset.

Out of 640,000 tons, 192,000 tons were paid in commission, which should be leave 448,000 tons- but somehow hat number as become 400,000 tons , leaving another 48,000 tons unaccounted.

Following this story there are 128,000 (80,000 plus 48,000) tons of gold which somehow " slipped through the cracks" in addition to 192,000 earned in commission, WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN.. Opppsss!!!

Out of the remaining 400,000 tons we do not know how much remains. We know there was an effort to do a major " disappearing act" when the old Central Bank morphed into the new Bangko Sentral Pilipinas- but a recent decision of the SUPREME COURT ( Banco Filipino versus BSP ) has upheld that BSP is responsible for the liabilities of the old Central Bank.

The POINT is that ultimately , a complete accounting should show where  ALL of the original 720, 000 tons  WENT- not to mention estimated 1.2 MILLION tons of Yamashita treasure ( combined German and Japanese plunder) identified above ( that is very nearly TWO MILLION TONS OF GOLD worth more than $38 TRILLION at todays price 2006)


The phony, CIA  backed EDSA " PEOPLE POWER " exhibition of 1986 had one primary purpose and that was to take this vast QUANTITY OF GOLD from the Philippines and the FILIPINO PEOPLE for the benefit of the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL  to enslave mankind.



......When Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz , died in 1974 all the 30% COMMISSION in gold became the legendary " MARCOS GOLD"  . After providing for his family in Marcos ' Letter of Instruction, the whole wealth derived from this was supposed to be given to the FILIPINO PEOPLE . This was the "MARCOS WEALTH" that some POLITICIAN and CHURCHMEN kept on saying was the:

" ILL - GOTTEN " Marcos Wealth..

WHY THIS WEALTH HAS BEEN LABELED " ILL - GOTTEN " a little further along in our STUDY , that unti today is in MARCOS SECRET ACCOUNTS.


In his GRAND PLAN, MARCOS  wanted to RE ESTABLISHED the former grandeur of MAHARLIKA and the whole region of SOUTHEAST ASIA , the former MALAYAN EMPIRE.

In June 1983, Marcos appeared before the First World leaders in Toronto. He announced his plan to boost economy of the Southeast Asia Region by creating ASIAN DOLLAR.  This would be backed up by the 400,000 metric tons of gold in Central Bank.

The ASIAN DOLLAR , backed up by the two thirds of all gold in the world that was in the Maharlika. Would made the Maharlika money more valuable and stronger that the American dollar. This was his vision to raise Southeast Asia to be par with the rest of the first world countries.

There is plenty of solid evidence of a program MARCOS worked on with American President Ronald Reagan, which referred to as the ABL ( ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN) program. Under this program some 250 sets of gold , documentation and related ABL currency were to be shipped to various countries around the world.


To this day, the 400,000 metric tons of GOLD are still in the CENTRAL BANK in East Avenue , Quezon City. NOBODY CAN MOVE it because Marcos insured it with the LLOYDS OF LONDON and its agents are guarding it.


Not only have SUCCESSIVE GOVERNMENTS of the Philippines failed to ACKNOWLEDGE  the existence of the GOLD, they have CONSPIRED to keep this information from being KNOWN  to the Filipino People.

We assume this is because they have been working at ways to convert the GOLD for their own selfish gain, probably in conspiracy with the International Banking Cartel.


Immediately after Ferdinand Marcos was REMOVED from the office by a U.S MILITARY helicopter , the NEWLY installed PRESIDENT CORAZON AQUINO , formed the PCGG- Presidential Commission on Good Government, PURPORTEDLY to go after the Marcos - ILL GOTTEN WEALTH.

" IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CONSPIRATORS THAT THIS WEALTH SHOULD BE LABELLED ~~ILL - GOTTEN~~ even though, as has already been shown , MR MARCOS was in his OWN RIGHT the WEALTHIEST MAN  on the face of the EARTH and had absolutely no need to take anything from anyone.


A decision of the FEDERAL SUPREME COURT OF SWITZERLAND dated December 21,1990 said......"... By decision of May 29,1986 , the attorney general of District of Zurich accepted in principle to the legal assistance requested by the PHILIPPINES and invited all the banks of the City of Zurich to FREEZE IMMEDIATELY all the accounts, deposits or safes of the persons, companies or foundations ( of MARCOS) in the order...."


THE ACCOUNTS WERE FROZEN  at the request of the government of the Philippines and the PCGG has ensured they have remained FROZEN to this day.


This is all a GRAND SCHEME OR SCAM. BLINDED Filipinos must keep repeating that MARCOS was a THEIF ( MAGNANAKAW) so that those HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of DOLLARS of Marcos Money  will remain FROZEN and not be given to them for their use..

Consequently, they MUST CONSTANTLY BORROW MONEY from International Monetary Fund( IMF) and World Bank ( WB) with SO MUCH INTEREST so that this COUNTRY WILL REMAIN A SLAVE and SHACKLED to the foreign powers.

HISTORY will show that the money was not stashed away and inaccessible but AVAILABLE to truly deserving Filipinos.

There was NOTHING SECRET about Marcos Accounts. These ACCOUNTS were ONLY MADE SECRET by some people in the government so that the PUBLIC would not know its REAL STORY.


During a talk show in U.S TV the week following the bombing of the New York Twin Towers, PRES BUSH was asked this question:

WHICH IS THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY ? With a smile :) he said : THE PHILIPPINES, Marcos knew it, but he could not talk.

At the time they made sure that MARCOS  would not longer talk. After kidnapping him from Malacanang , they put him in a golden prison in Hawaii.

So much about the SARSUELA of the 1986 EDSA PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION, the Roman Catholic Archbishops, his priests, the seminarians, his nuns, and his FOLLOWERS who just PRAY, PAY AND OBEY. These TRAITORS on the Filipino people  did a good job IN FAVOR OF THOSE TWO FOREIGN ALMIGHTY POWERS.


The invisible and long arm of the the foreign powers are now EXPOSED AND BROUGHT to light so that everyone will see the real , greater and hidden MANIPULATORS and AUTHORS of the miseries of this country today.

On FEBRUARY 28, 1986 ( two days after Cory Aquino was sworn as President  but before the proclamation of her Revolutionary Government throught Proclamation No.3 on March 25, 1986, Cory Aquino created the PCGG  through her Executive Order No. 1 section 2 says:

" The Commission shall be charged with the task of assissting the President in regard to the following matters:

a. The recovery of all ill- gotten wealth accumulated by the Former Resident Ferdinand Marcos , his immediate family, relatives

B. The investigation of such cases of graft and corruption..

So far, the PCGG had succeeded in sequestering 88 BILLION PESOS, allegedly the " ill- gotten wealth" of Marcos.


PRESIDENT FERDINAND E. MARCOS  had a wonderful VISION MIND for his people and for the people of the world, as can be presumed from his efforts to implement the ABL PROGRAM mentioned above. But he had some problems.

Marcos could not announce possession of the gold plundered by the Germans and the Japanese during World War Two until some time after 1986 because of the ruling of the International Criminal Court in 1976.

Today, the truth can be made known and shouted from the rooftops: THE PHILIPPINES IS THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD..


                        Volume 47 Number 12
                         August 9, 2006

General Antonio Luna was killed in the plaza of a rectory in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.

On June 5, 1899, General Antonio Luna was killed in the plaza of a rectory in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija. Luna was to attend a council of war called by General Emilio Aguinaldo.
Luna arrived with two aides-de camp and a mounted escort of twelve men. After dismounting and dismissing his escort, he proceeded alone to the rectory where Aguinaldo had his headquarters. On mounting the stairs, he was met by a junior officer, who informed him that Aguinaldo had left with his command. Luna felt slighted and expressed himself very strongly on the matter and prepared to take his departure. As he turned to leave the room, a sergeant of one of the two companies that Aguinaldo had left at Cabanatuan, sprang from behind the door, where he had been concealed, and attacked Luna from behind, inflicting a severe wound with a bolo.

General Luna, seeing himself surrounded and realizing that he was practically in the same strait as Andres Bonifacio had been at Naic, some three years previously, drew his revolver to defend himself. Not wishing to be overcomed by numbers in a hand to hand struggle in the rectory, he forced his way through his assailants and rushed down stairs into the plaza to summon his escort to his assistance. On arriving in the plaza, he was confronted by one of the companies that Aguinaldo had left in Cabanatuan to arrest him at all costs. The officer in command, judging that Luna, if arrested alive, would only be a source of embarassment to Aguinaldo, ordered his men to fire a volley. Luna fell at the first discharge but did not die before he wounded a number of assailants with his revolver.

  General Emilio Aguinaldo returned on May 20, 1898 to restart his insurrection
  (General Emilio Aguinaldo) Earlier, on about March or April, 1899, there were some overtures between Emilio Aguinaldo, Felipe Buencamino, and Pedro Paterno on the one hand and the American authorities on the other, towards a compromise on the basis of an autonomous government. It is unknown with whom these overtures originated, but Aguinaldo was disposed to listen to them. General Antonio Luna heard of this and, at a cabinet meeting at Cabanatuan, reproached the dictator with wishing to betray the "extreme" party. It was this party, according to Luna, which represented the people at large. It certainly did represent the majority of the Filipino leaders and Katipuneros who had gone into the field to fight for complete independence. They would be satisfied by no such half measure as autonomy.
The conversation became heated. Luna, who had a violent temper, threatened to kill Aguinaldo. The latter, however, managed to avoid an encounter just then. But Luna followed up and struck Buencarnino in the face. Buencamino then made his escape with Pedro Paterno and both took refuge in a stable.

To Aguinaldo, compromise or no compromise, autonomy or complete independence, there was not sufficient room in the Philippines for himself and General Luna. He thereupon determined to lay a trap and rid himself of the violent patriot for once and all. To this end he summoned General Luna to attend a council of war at Cabanatuan.